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Announcement of the next oral tender not limited to the sale...
Advertisement o Another oral tender not limited to the sale of immovable property Undeveloped ground, located in Ełku at UL. Łukasiewicz...
Property for Sale
Property for Sale City of Ełk has for sale by oral tender unrestricted property Undeveloped ground in Ełku at ul. Lukasiewicz, marked in...
Reconstruction of the public transport Line No. 3 and 5 in Ełku.
From 12 November 2019, there will be an exchange of existing bus stops of the communication City Number 3 and 5 at UL. Industrial  And one...
Real Estate for Sale
The city of Ełk has for sale on the way Tender in writing unlimited two undeveloped ground properties Area: 0.4782 hectares and 0.8158 hectares,...
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