Author: z. dabrowski | Entry date: 06 June 2018
The national map security risks

Sense of security belongs to the basic needs of every human being and has a decisive effect on the functioning of each community. Therefore, it is important to create tools that will allow a fair and legible identification and presentation, including local communities, the scale and nature of the risks and of the institutions jointly liable for ensuring safety and order . This identification can be carried out without taking into account the social expectations. Such a tool should be map security risks. Map of threats should be treated as an essential element of public security management process, the inter-institutional and social partnership. They should also serve the optimal allocation of resources hardware and human resources departments, in particular, to making the decision to create police stations and police stations.

National map of security risks is based on information cataloged in three planes:

  1. the information collected in the police information systems,
  2. information collected from the public in the course of:
    • direct contact with citizens, with representatives of local authorities, non-governmental organisations, etc.;
    • in the course of ongoing social debates devoted to public security,
  3. information obtained from citizens (netizens) using the platform for the exchange of information.

The information presented on the maps will take into account both selected categories of crimes and offences and threats that in the subjective perception of the residents negatively affect their sense of security.

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