Author: Iga Arciszewska | Entry date: 12 December 2018
Drank alcohol. The youth of togo regrets what happened
Completed work on another spot teaching "Elk-safe". Spot warns against the consequences of drinking alcohol by minors. This time the photos were shot in cooperation with representatives of the informal Junior-Youth Town Council Elk. View the video and share with friends.

In the framework of the action "Safe Elk" initiated by the President of Elk this year was a series of educational short films, whose goal is to increase public awareness of the various risks, and creating a safe bet.

This time, the spot was developed in cooperation with young people, which is committed to the emergence of the scenario, the selection of actors and scenes.

Youth Group meets at the fire close to the Lake. Not all are over 18 years of age. It's summer, friends, fun. At some point, someone brings you the alcohol. Authentic 1970s party begins, which ends tragically. Participants of an outbreak after the events regret what happened.

See the video:

The film was commissioned by the Office of the city of Ełk in cooperation with representatives of the Junior-Youth Town Council Elk
Coordination: Office for the promotion of sport and culture,
Production: Sójson & Papaj (

Music: Artist: Colossal Trailer Music Track: Speak No Evil

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