Author: Paweł Butwiłowski | Entry date: 11 January 2019
How to spend your winter holidays in the city?
From January 21, begins a two-week winter. At this time the city has prepared a wide range for children and young people. You can use with water park, an ice rink, as well as take part in dance classes and theatre.

A two-week vacation in our region beginning on Monday, January 21, 2019 and will last until Sunday 3 February.

How to spend holidays in the city? Offer urban units (as of 10 January 2019 onwards):

1. Ełckie cultural center

Ełckie Cultural Center serves children and youth theatre workshops, dancing and modelling.

  • modelling activities for kids (8 + years) and adults (judged)

  • planszówECKi-common playing board games (25)

  • workshops pottery (potters)

  • theatre workshops for children aged 6 to 18 years of age (Zebra)

  • 'Karmelek ', theatre performance for children from 4 years of age (O2)

  • workshops and performances for groups MZPiT Elk and Ełckie Dance Theatre (Dance Hall)

More information in Ełk County Cultural Center

2. Ełckie cultural center- "volcanoes" in the school of Art

Ełckie Cultural Center serves children aged 6-12 years to spend holidays in the school of art. It will be fun and artistically. Participation fee, $50 per person (per trip).


· And date (21-25 January)

· (II) date (28 January-1 February)


  • workshops,

  • workshops,

  • music workshops.

Classes are held at the school of Art-from Monday to Thursday,

More information in the registry of the art school in Elk, ul. Army 21:

3. Holidays in the Cinema ECK

Ełckie cultural center offers holidays in the Cinema ECK. In the Repertoire have titles for children and young people, movies, appreciated in the world due to the effects of art and subject matter.


  • 21 January – 3 February

In the repertoire:

  • The Grinch. Dubbing

  • Asterix And Obeliks. The secret magical BREW. Dubbing

  • Hotel Transylvania 3. Dubbing

  • Mary Poppins comes back. Ddubbing

  • Spider-man universe. Dubbing, children 7 +

More information at the telephone number + 48 87 621 71 52, + 48 725 333 400.

4. Municipal sports and Recreation – "Winter at the water park"

Municipal sports and Recreation in Elk invites children aged from 7 to 13 years "Winter At The Water Park" . The classes will take place in two groups piętnastoosobowych, from Monday to Friday between 8.00-15.00. Participation fee, $500 per person.

The term:

  • January 21-February 1, 2019.


  • fun in the water (water park attractions);

  • art classes;

  • games and sports;

  • Exit to the cinema;

  • ice rink (twice);

  • accident insurance;

  • half board – breakfast and lunch.

In addition, all of the sports City of sport & Recreation Centre in Elk, will during the holidays. At the disposal of the people spending their winter holidays in Elk will be a water Park, a skating rink, Sports-Arena, along with a gym and Stadium infrastructure.

For more information:

5. City public library. Zofia Nasierowskiej in Elk -Holidays in the library "Holidays at ease-we practice face".

City public library. Zofia Nasierowskiej in Elk invites children aged 6-10 years to spend holidays in the library "Holidays at ease-we practice face". Classes will be held from Monday to Friday. 11:00-13:00. Participation is free of charge.

The term:

  • January 21-February 1, 2019.


  • Theatre Mask

  • puns

  • Board Games

  • art classes

  • calligraphic workshop

  • language games


Number of places is limited. Is the order of the entries.

More info on city public library. Zofia Nasierowskiej in Elk

6. Holidays with the historical Museum in Elk

"In Carnival the same balls"

MHE in first week of holidays (21-25 January) invites children to class "in the Carnival the same balls." Activities for groups. Number of places limited. Participation fee, of £ 2 from a participant.

The term:
  • 21-25 January 2019


  • presentation of ethnographic monuments

  • workshops perform carnival masks

  • you will be able to get to know the customs of the period of Carnival

"The workshop model"

In the second week of the MHE holidays invites everyone to the "model Workshops". Activities for individuals. Participation fee: individuals over the age of 12 – 10 €, family ticket (max. 4 people)-£ 15.


  • January 28 – February 1, 2019

Educational workshops consisting of two parts:

And Hi-misleading about the history of the railways, in particular the history of rail transport in Elk and predation;

Part II-model-level train run by instructors with an independent Rail Project Modelarskiego.

More information in the historical Museum in Elk, 87 732 02 84

7. Winter in the environmental education Center in Elk

Environmental education Center in Elk along with Organic Association children invite Ełk County, from 7 to 11 years of age on the Hibernaculum in CEE. The share is paid £ 40 per person (per trip).


  • And date (21-25 January, 9:00-13:00),

  • (II) date (January 28-February 1, 9:00-13:00).


  • educational activities and fun practical nt. Ecology, water power and wind power,

  • educational game forest ecosystems,

  • film-tale "power save",

  • execution of the kite-flying birds and horizontal trap types of dreams paper saucers,

  • experimenting with colors: mixing colors, a rainbow on a plate, flowers,

  • paint with puchnących paints, creating soap bubbles,

  • patyczkowych execution figures and ekostworków of residual materials, sticks, nuts, bottles, etc.

Qualification card are available on the page

More information in CEE, tel 87 610 16 24